“Video Delay Video,”  is an interactive video installation featuring Taylor Morris eyewear. This is the second version of “Video Delay Video”. It was a part of the opening of a pop-up concept art gallery during Miami Art Basel 2013. The interactive installation observed and changed how people interacted with a pre-arranged environment.
A hidden camera recorded and streamed live video of these interactions, which was processed on a laptop, broken-down into frames, and projected onto a large screen. The most recent interaction emanated out from the center on a 0.2-second delay and was mirrored horizontally, vertically, and diagonally within a six-by-five grid. Thus, there were only three frames in play at once, spread out over 30 smaller squares within the large screen. I placed the camera in a clear, wall-mounted booth of sunglasses (as seen in the diagram below) and the projected outcome was right above, acting as a mirror. Trying on sunglasses become a venue for people to create their own visual narratives.
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