Psychic Blur was a part of The Dumbo Arts Festival in September 2014. It was located at St. Anne’s Warehouse in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The interactive art installation was envisioned by Joel Fitzpatrick. My position within the project was to create the installation according the Joel Fitzpatrick’s vision. In more detail, I was responsible for the technical direction, the interactive component of the installation and creating lighting cues for the LED wall. This was the third realization of the art installation Psychic Blur.
Joel Fitzpatrick’s vision for Psychic Blur was to create an immersive psychedelic experience,   bridging the gap between art and technology. Live footage of a massive LED wall was to be manipulated and simultaneously projected back onto different surfaces. The imagery was to respond to movement within the space making the audience an active participant in the endless, ever-changing feedback loop of light, color and motion.
The interactive component in this installation works in this manner: a video camera films the LED wall and sends the live video stream to a laptop. A kinect depth sensor sends depth information of people moving within the installation. A computer with projection mapping software mixes the live video stream and the depth information and creates the colorful imagery, seen in the video to the top left. The floor and wall projection areas are mapped in  a way that mirrors the content horizontally and vertically, creating a repeating illusion.
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