The story I’d like to tell here is a story of the circumstances of our present time.  Imprisoned in our homes by an invisible force, we are adapting to this new reality, creating a new normal. There is a duality that is constant in my new normal. Extreme highs and lows. A person creating, building, socializing and a person empty, grieving, silent and still. 
My body and my mind are not living in the same reality.  My body is lonely and immobile but my mind is racing though the day, determined to create and to work. 
Can I build an immersive environment, a choreographed world or a performance within my home to bring my body and my mind together? How can I depict this world through light and movement? 
Can I bring the outside inside? What would deceiving my mind into thinking it’s outside entail? Can I depict the separation between the outside world and myself through a specific medium?  What is my physical voice; my gestures and movements in confinement. Can I change these gestures and shapes I create with my body through movement and choreography generation techniques?

My body Language comes to life as an environment. 
My habits and shapes projected into my space through footage from the outside world.​​​​​​
The light patterns come from a projected video which is original footage taken on a bike ride through my routine used to bring the outside into my home - inside.  Areas filmed include Prospects Park, Manhattan Bridge, West side Highway.
I have on a wearable object projecting my movement  and creating light. This wearable object is situated along my spine anchored on my neck, ribs and hips. It’s constructed from mirror mylar. The Mirror mylar projects my movements into my space using the footage taken outside as a medium. 
The choreography and movement improvisation explores the feeling of disconnect of my mind and my body. It tries to bring them together through this exploration. 

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