What did Freud Dream About

Project: "What did Freud dream about: The interpretation of the interpretation of dreams"
One-night only, mixed-medium immersive performance. An intimate and unique evening of live opera, dance and art in a historical lieu in the Upper East Side, curated by Roya Sachs, in collaboration with Astrid de Maismont, Gertrude. Opera’s rising bass star Davone Tines sang, accompanied by the Philharmonic’s Ashley Jackson on the harp. Alongside them, New York City Ballet dancer Sean Suozzi performed a unique dance. This coincided with a live art performance by abstract painter Chris Willcox. The salon was the first and last time the piece was ever performed - essentially going against the classical immortal tide of operas and music, and giving it a very raw start and end, much like a dance and the performance of an artist. 

Performers: Davone Tines/Bass-Baritone, Ashley Jackson/NYC Philharmonic Harpist, Chris Wilcox/Painter, Sean Suozzi/New York City Ballet

Location: Paul Rudolf Historic 101 E 63rd Street Townhouse, New York, NY

Date: September 24, 2014   

Role: Technical Director, Lighting and Set Design