Video Delay Video

Project: An interactive video installation by Defne Onen featuring Taylor Morris eyewear.

Description: "Video Delay Video", observed how people interacted with a pre-arranged environment. A hidden camera recorded and streamed live video of these interactions, which was processed on a laptop, broken-down into frames, and projected onto a large screen. The most recent interaction emanated out from the center on a 2 second delay and was mirrored horizontally, vertically and diagonally within a six-by-five grid. Thus, there were only three frames in play at once, spread out over 30 smaller square within the large screen. This version of "Video Delay Video", at the opening of a pop-up concept store and art gallery. I placed the camera in a clear, wall-mounted booth of sunglasses and the projected outcome was right above, acting as a mirror. People tried on sunglasses and, while looking for a mirror, discovered that the projection above them was the mirror. They started making funny facial expressions, dancing, and creating engaging movements with the video-delay effect. Watching people watch themselves on the large screen, I realized they were creating a never-ending loop of actions consisting of trying the sunglasses on, being surprised to find themselves on the screen, seeing their actions broken down by the video-delay loop, going back to try on more sunglasses, and inviting friends. Trying on sunglasses had become a venue for people to create their own visual narratives.

Location: Wynwood Design District, Miami, FL

Date: December 2013