Figment Festival 2013

Project: The Figment Interactive Art Festival , held all throught the US, the festival gathers unique and talented artists with a community interested in engaging and being suprised by their environment. As Joel Fiztpatrick design we had the chance to enter an interactive light installation under the name of Psychic Blur. The installation created an immersive experience by blurring the lines of art and technology. Being in a small room the effect of the LED wall and projection was much more profound. The interactive parts of the installation was activated by taking live video of the LED wall composed of LED node strands and send to a laptop running projection mapping software together with information from and Xbox Kinect used as a depth sensors. The information was mixed in a way that created artistic effects. This is the first realization of the art installation Psychic Blur.

Location: Governors Island, NY

Date: June 8 - 9, 2013  

Role: Creating an installation from Joel Fitzpatrick’s creative vision and manage the physical realization