Speed of Dreams

Project: Inaugural Pop-Up Art Exhibition and Create Collect’s company launch event during Miami Art Basel 2013. The pop-up show housed more than 150 unique creations spread over 3,500 sq ft of raw gallery space. The truss/art lighting system was brought in specifically for the pop-up show and launch event, in order to display the unique nature of the creators art work gathered by CreateCollect. The unique challenge for me as the head lighting designer was dealing with lighting different types and sizes of art for this art exhibition. My work around for this issue was to use lighting fixtures that had barn doors or shutters so that they could be focused in different ways for different types of art. 

Location: Wynwood Arts District, Miami FL

Date: December 9 - 12, 2013  

Role: Project Manager, Lighting Designer and Technician, Master Electrician

Photo Cred: Create Collect

Links: createcollect.com/speed-dreams