Alacati Summer House

Project: Alacati Summer House

Client: Kudret Onen

Description: Built to fit into the landscape of its neighbourhood, the only way to tell The Alacati Summer House apart is its authentic Anatolian stone facade and grey bay windows jutting out of the second floor.The architecture and interior design follows industrial and warehouse architecture. Themes used within The Alacati Summer House are: the proud display of building materials, exposed pipes and ducts, the interplay of wood and metal and the neutral or grey tones used to seek out a metallic feel. For materials, a mix of stone walls, weathered wood furniture and surfaces, polished metal finishes and metal joints appear all throughout the interior design. 
Location: Alacati, Izmir, Turkey

Date: December 2015 - May 2017

Role: Creating materials, finishes and color palettes for the interior design, selecting furniture, selecting all lighting fixtures - interior and exterior, designing some furniture and lighting fixtures